'His USP as fas as the UK is concerned, is that there are very few people out there playing his brand of smooth, slick Pop/Country and he is very good at what he does"

- Lyric Magazine

'You know you are in the presence of something special when fellow audience members unsolicited start nudging you to show how good they think an act is'

-Charlie Farlie- W21 Music

'Bursting with awards and representing Bristol on so many music fronts- the great Country ambassador of Bristol'

-Richard Lewis- BBC Radio Bristol

'It feels as though Danny is making changes to the country-pop scene and he’s not afraid to cry about it and for that, we applaud him'

-Fortitude Magazine

'...tapped into the trends of the US Country market with his own brand of mainstream, Country radio-orientated material.'

-Dan Waharton, Your Life In A Song

'As we have come to expect from Danny McMahon, an EP combining emotions, great vocals, clever writing and superb production at Puzzle Maker studios'

-Silverball Country